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EDUMATE is an architecture of educational technology, which proposes integral education, articulated from mathematics. It is understood that the human being, from the womb, establishes relationships and intuitively builds his first tactile dimensions that expand with the manipulative exercise during childhood, stimulating the development of the brain and preparing it for life. Keep in mind that the properties of thought are similar to the structure of mathematics.


EDUMATE integrates four components, three teaching resources and a teaching service:

1. DIVERTIMAT, ccreated by the Peruvian teacher Emma Blacker, who conceived it as the didactic resource of the NUFRAC System (download separata) which, in turn, is adopted by  EDUMATE. With this material it is possible to experiment and construct all the contents of the school and university curriculum, corresponding to the area of mathematics, from the concrete level.

2. LABMAT,  which turns the classroom into a laboratory, taking advantage of furniture, shelves, blackboards, gigantografías and various materials, which will serve to set the classrooms and familiarize students with useful measures in daily life.

It is a classroom model, set to recognize measures, forms, properties and various concepts of mathematics.

3. EML, they are Mathematical Exercises Online. The E can also be read as Exams or as Examples.

Which covers more than three thousand math exercises. It is a database to which the student has access from his mobile, tablet or computer, through the Internet. EML is available 24 hours a day, all year round.

EML, are Online Math Exercises. The E can also be read as Exams or as Examples.

EML is customized for each Educational Institution and is continuously fed from new exercises. Other exercises may be entered by the teacher or the students themselves, with the appropriate permissions.

4. PECMAT, are home teachers specialized in a training program in the teaching of mathematics through experimental activities (Discovery Method), as well as for the areas of physics, chemistry and biology.

LABMAT was created by Professor Guillermo Ruiz and EML conceived by the same educator and developed with computer engineering professionals. PECMAT, is a conception shared by Professor Guillermo Ruiz and engineer Joel Osores.


For the student

1. Privilege the aptitude: focusing the process of learning in the integrality of the elements, be they objects, facts or phenomena; Favoring environmental, digital and functional competencies.


2. Structuring the projective vision: Stimulating the observation of the multiple elements of the environment and their relationships, analysis, organization, interpretation and applicability of the discovered.


3. Generate innovation: Promoting the structuring and evaluation of different paths for the same result, choosing the best and continuous improvement of cause, process and effect.


For the teacher

1. Enable didactic resources: Convert the classrooms into Mathematics Laboratories, as a concept and center of teaching and experimentation in the learning and application of mathematics.

It forms a model of educational development .

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